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Building Energy Sciences is an independent provider of the following services:

Building Energy Simulation / Modeling
Energy Management Services
Utilility Consumption Analysis
Energy Conservation Measure Analysis
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Measurement & Verification

- Building Systems Analysis -
HVAC Performance Analysis
Construction Coordination Drawings
Computer Room Operational Analysis
HVAC Controls Optimization
New Building Commissioning
On-Going Commissioning

Many of our services involve the need to measure operating conditions of building systems. The accuracy of these field measurements is vital to performing an analysis of the system's performance. When providing building commissioning services we must ensure that control system sensors are calibrated accurately and that air and water flowrates are adjusted according to design parameters.

To serve our clients we maintain an extensive inventory of quality test instruments, click here to see our test instrument inventory.


Building Energy Sciences, LLC is not authorized or licensed to provide professional engineering services. If you or your organization require the services of a professional engineer we would be happy to recommend one to you. Our company maintains working relationships with many quality engineering firms that can satisfy your needs.